Thursday, November 6, 2008

As Amy would always say, "Yippy Skippy"---5 more years before I have to do it again. And my Fundoplication is holding tight and no ulcers----just my colon having spasms which means another medicine--phooey! He is concerned however with my blood pressure, so the stress test is next. He also told me if the pain in my right side doesn't go away, then my gall bladder would have to be removed. I have heard of people never having pain, but ran a fever, so he said to watch for that.

Who knew that Demerol and Vestid could make you sleep so long. We came home and I could barely walk, so the rest was welcomed.

My Joys today
God watching over me
Loving family
Prayers from my friends
A really good sleep
A smiling face
A good diet

I guess it's true what they say about a high fiber diet, so will stay on it--no reason to fix what isn't broken.
I'm excited now about decorating for Christmas and I came up with a neat idea for displaying one of scenes, but it will be last because it involves my holiday storage room.
Going to eat a good meal now and then we have to make a trip to the store.
The storm in the Caribbean is not going to shake my mood, but we will keep a watch on it. Have a super duper night and I will check in tomorrow. Love and Hugs, Pat


SweetAnnee said...

Oh glad you're good. Sleep is welcome
I did great yesterday and slept decent
last night. Up early to get IV canser meds
What are your plans???

something to pamper you I pray
love ya

The Urban Chic said...

Deena, I slept so good last night and it was needed. I still have a few more tests and the only one that has concerns is my heart.
I am so glad you rested also. Dr. P told me to take it easy today also, so I am just going into my holiday closet and pull a few things out. Enjoy your day also. Prayers, love, and Hugs, Pat