Sunday, November 2, 2008

Award for Deena

Today, I stayed in bed most of the day--will explain later, but Deena came to mind and I thought about the awful days she has to face and for her to still keep in touch with us, to me she has the Biggest Heart ever and she truly deserves an award for it. Deena this award is for you and you can pass it on to others you feel have a big heart. If anyone visiting knows of someone also with a big heart, you are also free to take it.

Last night I got very sick and it was one of those nights, the doctors always tell me to go to the ER, but I was too sick to even get out of the bed, much less dress to go. I go through a couple of days of this, every time I get my injections or take large doses of antibiodics. My hair falls out more than ever and since I can't (sorry) vomit, I have to endure the nausea and the trips to the bathroom aren't all that fun. I ran a mild fever last night and today I felt totally drained.

I have been sitting on 2 packages and Al promised tomorrow he would mail them out---he is off, so no excuses. I know that tomorrow I will feel better, so I have to pack things to put in the attic---my watermelon collection. I need the storage space to put away things that I don't want in the attic, and I am so glad he will be here to help me. Then we are off to the hospital to get pre-admitted, then maybe some shopping. I start my liquid diet on Tuesday, then Wednesday all clear liquids and that horrible drink they give you. I have tried every thing in the book to make it paltable so if anyone has any suggestions that I may have missed---send them to me. It can't be red or purple, so no strawberry to put in it.

Well I am off to bed again. This too shall pass. Hope you all have a great day. Love and Hugs, Pat


Betzie said...

Hi Pat!
I hope this will cheer you up just a little today. You won my giveaway!! I need your mailing address so I can send it off to you. Thanks for leaving a comment on my post and I hope you feel better soon!!!! Hugs,betzie

Joyce said...

Good heavens! I hate to see that you are so ill like that.
I know how it feels to have a bad day. Blah! Maybe you picked up a virus or something. I had to have a flu shot last week so I hope that works.
Well I hope you feel better soon....hang in there. I will pray that all goes well for you and with you.
Be blessed,

Anonymous said...

I hope your feeling better soon. Thanks for stopping by my blog and helping out with a name.

southern queen bee said...

So glad you stopped by, not sure what test you are having, is it a colon? If it is you can mix crystal light with it. Get it VERY cold.I have alot of colon (yuk) problems. Let me know...

Susie Harris said...

Aww Pat . I hate to hear that you felt so bad last night. I pray that you get to feeling better real soon. My Mother in law takes meds for her reflux but it doesnt seem to help. Poor thing . She can hardly eat without being in pure pain. How did they help you? I may have to pass this on to her. Take care~

The Urban Chic said...

Betzie, thanks for stopping by and letting me know. Wish that I could say it helps, well just a little. Got pre-admitted today, then stopped by my gastro doctor. I hope I can make it until Thursday, but praying it's not my gall bladder. We were going to go shopping afterwards, but I told Al I just wanted to come home and go to bed.
Thanks everyone for your prayers---I just keep fighting this because it's all I know to do, but I am so tired of all the pain and the nausea.
Joyce, I will be chilling it tomorrow and they gave me some pineapple flavoring to put in it. Susie I had the surgery for my reflux twice and that's how I got the MRSA--I took meds for 10 years for reflux and ran the entire gammit of them. Well I am going crawl back into bed. Praying for a better day tomorrow. Love and Hugs, Pat

MizSmoochieLips said...

Ahh, I hope you're getting all fixed up and feelin' better real soon!

My Pink Boutique said...

Pat, I'm so sorry that you're so sick. :( I'll keep you in my prayers.


Julie said...

I hope you are feeling much better by now. I would be putting up my Christmas decorations now too if we did not host Thanksgiving at our home! There is something so calming about watching those twinkle lights in the dark.

MizSmoochieLips said...

I tagged you :)

Oh, your word verification is "horne"
is that like.. horny????!!! LOL