Sunday, November 16, 2008

Good to be Home

Hi everyone. It has been a long 6 days, but we got a lot accomplished at our parents house, along with sharing some great memories. I honestly wish I had the time to put all the things on eBay or an etsy shop because we counted over 150 containers of material. I haven't begun to count the spools of thread, but I did find some old wooden ones that they let me take to paint for lace and things. I need to find the before pictures of her shop and what I did last week. They finally believe me that it takes more than a week to get ready for this garage sale.

I had not been to bingo since I won the $854, so Friday night I played the cheapest pack they sell and won $350, so went back last night and won $125. Since I have most of my kitchen decorated, I am going to call my sil and see if she wants to play a pack for Al and they can split if she wins. She's been depressed a lot, so maybe taking her out of the house will do her some good. She lost her friend this week from cancer, but we all knew that she was terminal. I went to school with her and a lot of costume parties recently and she was such a sweet person and will be missed by many. I also lost an old friend, but it was too late when I found out---he was my age and my sister dated him a few times in the 60s. So please keep Carolyn and Ronnie's family in your prayers.

I thought I would not be able to put all my trees up this year, but I found little nooks and crannies to put them and we figured out a way to display one, but I have to finish getting everything else done, because we are using my holiday closet for a display. I am usually finished by Thanksgiving but it looks like it will be closer to Dec. 1st.

Well I hope everyone has been well and busy crafting. I have visited a few blogs and saw some really cool art by my friend Tia and jewelry by Mary. I hope y'all don't mind if I send them there. You can go to my favorite blogs and visit them--unabashed repetition and MJB collections. Mary has an etsy shop with her jewelry for sale.

Going do a little more in the kitchen---Al put shelves above my cabinets and I still need to hang my curtains over the window. Have a wonderful and Blessed Sunday. Love and Hugs, Pat


Anonymous said...

Hi Pat, I bet your house is starting to look like a winter wonderland. I wonder if Mozzi is getting her decorating done. I would love for someone to decorate for me for Xmas, as I'm horrible at it, and it is just another job for me at Christmas time. I'm sure I'll feel differently if and when I have grandchildren.
Thanks so much for the plug for my blog and Etsy site.

The Urban Chic said...

Hi Mary, sorry I put the wrong thing instead of creations, but I think most people will see it on my list. I almost have the kitchen done except my tree because I took all the ornaments off last year because it was too small and I brought them when I moved. Oh yes, wait until you have gc---it makes you a totally different person---and it's a lot more fun because you can send them home. Luv Ya, Pat