Monday, November 17, 2008

My Heart is hurting today

I woke up to a ringing phone this morning that would not give up and it was just more bad news. My best friend, Donald, is in the hospital and it is not good. My name is on the emergency call list and his doctor called to say that they have put him in ICU. I am waiting for Al to come home because the next visiting time is 5pm. I am sure he is probably on a ventilator because when I tried to talk with him last week, he couldn't talk at all. He is like a brother to me and has spent just about every Christmas and Thanksgiving with us. If we went out of town, I would always call him to let him know, then bring him supper when we returned. I so wanted to post something joyful today, but God had other plans for me. Please keep him in your prayers. He has no family living except for a few nieces and nephews. I need to call his ex-wife, who is also our friend. Thanks and many prayers for all of you also. Pat


SweetAnnee said...

Hi Pat..I'm so sorry to hear about your friend..
I'll be praying and I hope you get to go visit
with him
love to you

The Urban Chic said...

Deena, your prayers mean so much and thank you. It was very difficult seeing him and they let us stay for 45 minutes instead of 15. Prayers for you also. Luv Ya, Pat