Sunday, December 21, 2008

Beautiful Egg

I went thrifting before going to visit my cousin in ICU, and by the way, he is doing very well. Thanks for the many prayers. Well anyway, I found this at Goodwill and it's a real Emu egg or goose egg and whom ever did it, did a great job and I forked up the $3.99 for it because it also has a music box that plays Silent Night. Hubby bought me a Fabrege Egg years ago and will probably never get another one, so I just look for very unusual eggs now. I also went to this place called Caring Hands and I will post those later---some very old Mercury glass ornaments. I will posting the last pictures of my snow entry way today, so please stop by for a tour of my addiction. Love and Hugs, Pat

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pat:
That egg is just cool!!! You got a great deal on it too. I use a lip gloss that is from Emu oil : )
peace & Love