Tuesday, December 9, 2008

computer problems

Well the day did not start out very good. I am seriously thinking of getting a Mac when I get my inheritance. MSN won't let me get on and I think I have been spammed because it says I have some serious things and it won't let me get on. I did a complete scan with McAffie and there are no viruses, etc. Will have to wait until Al gets home and gets on the phone with Dell or Microsoft. I am on Al's for now and won't get on mine until I have the problem fixed. That's what I get for letting my gc on my computer.

I am putting finishing touches, then taking pictures to post on the 15Th. At least after tomorrow, I will be able to sit at the computer for a little while or use the laptop in bed. The doctor hasn't received my results yet, but I guess I will know at the hospital in the morning.

I am trying hard not to do anymore crying, but I never knew withdrawals could be so horrible and the new meds will take 2 weeks to start working. Maybe I should have waited until after Christmas for this, but the doctor said it was time.

I am having a good day, but my friend is calling all the time and yesterday I was so weak, I stayed in the bed and didn't hear the phone ring, so he thought we were ignoring him. He doesn't understand that I am sick also. He is doing so great that I wish I had his blood pressure. He's down to 248, so the weight is not straining his heart and lungs. I want to scream right now---I need help also, but he doesn't listen. Oh well let it go I say and not let him ruin my spirit.

Well going work on the snowman scene, then sit and bead while watching movies. I start baking next week---and the pounds will follow me-lol. Enjoy the rest of the week and please keep me in your prayers for tomorrow morning. Love and Hugs, Pat


Mozzi said...

Hi Pat, thinking of you, seems like you just keep on getting more and more piled on you doesn't it? I will certainly keep you in my prayers.You have definitly picked a stressful time to change your meds though, with everything else you are doing, I hope your friend can understand that you need a rest sometimes.
Just make sure you take some time to sit and smell the Gingerbread!!!

Nettie said...

Hope that you get your computer sorted out.
Look forward to seeing your Christmas wonderland on your other blog.
Glad that you received the Christmas card I sent.
Take care
Love Nettie

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks Mozzi and Nettie for stopping by. You will soon get to see the Christmas "clutter" on the 15th. Since I can't do much of anything today, I'm going to scan some old Christmas photos,so you can see how my collection grew. Love and Hugs, Pat