Saturday, December 6, 2008

Start of my Christmas blog

It will take time, but I am working on my Christmas blog. I should have the entire week to finish up. I hope you will visit on the 15Th when I will have it completed. I want to look for old pictures that are pretty awful decorating, but it was always fun.

This is the link to my new blog.

My joys today

Christ will soon be born again

My grandchildren visiting this weekend

A craft show we are about to attend

Cool day

Many Blessings and prayers I have received.

Prayers, love, and hugs, Pat


SweetAnnee said...

Hi sweetie Now remember you send the ornie to your partner
not me
and I am going to check your Christmas Blog

lovingly, Deena

SweetAnnee said...

Pat ..your partner is Barbara Jean of
I dont see your link on Mr Linky...

I am SO embarrased

Let me get you two hooked up
the radiation brain..deena...

SweetAnnee said...

please email me
thru my profile sweetie

SweetAnnee said...

Pat ..could you email me thru my profile please..about the ornie swap