Monday, January 12, 2009

Just another Day of Cold

These are my 2 gc and Jacob is as tall as me or should I say short!
Well I have been in a deep "funk" since Pop's death and I know I need to "snap" out of it, but the new meds have not kicked in yet. I am sorry I sounded like a "cry baby" for not having any followers---I'm off the Pitty Pot!

I did manage to make a beautiful candy boquet and will post a picture later.

Al gave me money to play bingo and I won $125, so was able to get some shopping therapy at my favorite store--"Bon Will". I am hoping that Hobby Lobby has marked down their Christmas things to 90% off because I want some more flocking for cards and crafts. I bought all the pink, but they still had lots of red and green left, plus some felt embellishments that would be nice.

We are expecting temps in the teens at the end of the week and that's not the cold I like, so will probably grab a good book and stay under the electric blanket. I am hoping I can avoid back surgery a little longer, because it just may be the cold that is making me hurt so much with every move.

Would you believe that my Christmas decorations are still up! Maybe after an injection, I will be able to start taking things down. My Mardi Gras things are usually up by now and not even sure I will pull them out. I want to start crafting again and sometimes you just have to skip a year of decorating. Who knows!

Well as we say here in the south, "I'm fixin to take a shower" and get dressed for my appt. I hope you all have a great day doing what you like to do. For those that are sick, I do pray you get better soon. Love and Hugs, Pat


The Urban Chic said...

Sorry about the error with bouquet! My son would be flabber gasted-lol.

Amy said...

Thanks for the visit. I have fun getting caught up each time I visit you. Good luck with your back and packing up Christmas things.

Carol said...

Hey Pat~ Thanks for visiting my page~ I would love to show you my tricks and different things... I would have to learn PSP though as I use Adobe photoshop... Unless you have both. But if not you will first have to teach me PSP~
I am sorry that the weather has you down... Hope you are feeling better soon.
Hope to visit soon
Love ya,

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks for stopping by Amy and Carol. I always enjoy it when people drop by even just to say hello. Love and Hugs, Pat

Connie said...

Chick, I'm so glad you found me and I found you! I just love anything connected with truffles, too. My favorite. I'll put ya on my Google Reader and catch all your posts now.
:-)<-------Me smilin' at ya,