Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wonderful and Creative blog I found

I believe that I have my creative muse from a link of one of the bloggers I enjoy seeing. There will be tutorials starting Friday, kits available, and a giveaway. I hope to spend lots of time getting my creative juices flowing again.

I have been in a slump for over a year, but things look brighter each day. I will be having my MRI done on Friday to see how much degenerative damage my disks have since my last one. We will also know if surgery is needed and if not, I will be having a PC pump surgically put in to control my pain. I really could use your prayers right now. Al gave me an injection last night, so today I am going to continue to put Christmas decorations away---yep, they are still up, but with help they will soon be put away. Thanks for stopping by and I wish all of you a warm cozy day. Love and Hugs, Pat


Joyce said...

Ummm.......don't feel bad my friend.
I have my Christmas stuff up still too. I've had NOT time to get it down. So I told my son who is moving back here right now from Connecticut........"that I left my tree up for you." HA!

Hope you will feel better soon........hang in there.
I will check out the new blog.
See ya......Joyce

Jeanne said...

Thanks so much for the "plug" for Joli Paquet...that is so nice of you to help spread the word. And thank you also for the sweet comment you left on my blog really touched my heart, as I know what it is like to loose our loving parents. I hope Joli Paquet will help to get your creative juices flowing and bring back happy memories of your mother!
Good luck with your MRI test on Friday - I'll keep you in my thoughts!

The Urban Chic said...

Thank you so much Joyce and Jeanne. I have started getting the decorations down and fixing to get back to it, but I have to stop when the back starts throbbing. Heck Easter may be here before I finish-lol. Love and Hugs, Pat