Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A little guilt story

Have you ever felt so guilty about something even though, it was given the okay to get rid of it. Well this is one that has haunted me for years. When my daughter, Chris, decided it was time to pack her dolls away, I sat on the floor and cried because my little girl was growing up. Well we packed up all the doll clothes and complete layettes, along with baby bedding that I made that looked like a real babies. When we left Metairie to move to Crowley, we had a huge garage sale and she said to sell the crib, highchair and playpen that all matched. Now we are talking 1987. I wondered for years what would we do to find a bed that the side go up and down like a real baby bed. As luck would have it, I found a vintage doll bed, but no mattress and wheels are missing, but it was just too cute to pass up. When I called her, she was excited, but then said "Mom, what am I going to do if it's a boy?". Well try to look at the glass half full, I told her that she needn't worry about that, because I know she will have a little girl. David, her boyfriend, laughs when he hears the word baby, but I do believe there might be a proposal at Christmas time or in February, when they are supposed to come to Louisiana.

I am so ready to start decorating for Christmas, but it won't be like I have done before, only the kitchen because Donnie, my son, said "Mom you love ginger breads so much and they make you smile, so fill up the kitchen". We will have other trees that are already decorated and our big tree that is usually covered in Santas, might get decorated a little different.

I have been feeling so great, but my doctor gave me extra anxiety meds for when my siblings come here. But we are hoping that I may get to move back to Crowley.

Today is beautiful and we were lucky to avoid Ida. Even the rain missed us, something we did not need. So I think I will enjoy the outdoors and finish sanding the dresser I stripped. I can prime and paint it in the kitchen at night with sheets on the floor. Can't wait to get it done, so I can start on a night stand I found.

Wishing you all a great day like we are having. Love and Hugs, Pat


Amy. said...

I have a doll crib like that that was mine when I was a child. Mine is natural wood color. I still have it. Love seeing this one.

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