Friday, November 20, 2009

Some really Great bargains

This is part of the things that I got at my friends garage sale. Just the Stampin Up Ink pad holder with over 40 pads still full of ink were the best bargain I got. I didn't even look for a price tag, but guess what, the entire thing cost me-----ready----$15.00. 3 blocks of DWAV paper was more, but I know what they cost and that had not been opened. Dorothy Plate-$.75. Unused stamp cleaner was given to me by my friend and the other little embellishment holder is from Stampin Up. I also bought rubber stamps sets that had not been used for $1., some wheels with the ink that I didn't have and as I look back, I regret not getting more stamp sets that I didn't have. The Candle holder was $2.00 and I got pink candles for it and it's going to have lots of frufru hanging from it--glass teardrops, etc. The last time I went to a garage sale like this was in Metairie in the next block from my niece and it was almost all Stampin Up.

If I had a car, I would be in serious trouble. I miss garage sales. When I could walk 5 miles every day, I would walk to them and if I found something really heavy, they would just keep it until I could pick it up in the afternoon. Living in the country has it good sides, but too many bad sides.
Well speaking of walking, I'm going outside for my 20 minute walk.
If you don't hear from me in over a week, it's because I am having an angiogram done and have been pre-admitted already. I am a little scared, but have been doing a lot of praying. Haven't told my children yet, but will do that tonight. Please keep me in your prayers. I will have to stay in bed for 24 hours, no driving for a couple of days---now I don't know how to stay still, especially for 24 hours. I hope reading is okay-lol. I have to find someone to come and stay with me the 1st 24 hours and that is hard, since my siblings said I am no longer part of their family. Well life goes on and I will survive without them.
My Joys Today
God in my life
My wonderful understanding children
My wonderful replacement mom
Beautiful Sunshine with just a little cool
My blog friends.

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Connie said...

I just want to thank you for your very sweet and kind comment on my blog today, sugar. It looks like you've had some family tragedies lately but ya know, there is still hope when ya know the "end of The Book." I keep that focus in mind and all other things just sort of fly out of my mind. You are stunning from your photo and don't you EVER forget it, chick!!!! NEVER!!!!