Monday, November 23, 2009

Today is the day

Well, I can't say I'm not nervous about having a thin tube put in my groin, into my heart, then some dye, so the Cardiologist said it was okay to take an anti anxiety pill.

We have decided to seek an attorney about the house, because I have not done anything to stop the sale of the house and that is usually the reason it is turned over to a judge for auction. In fact, I had 2 good potential buyers, but Brenda would not give us a price to tell them. One of the people who wanted to buy it, lives right next door with their family all together on acres of land. The girl who wants to buy it, was so excited when she saw mom's shop and said the same thing I did, I could finally have a huge craft room. But I will let her know that the house may be up for auction, so they might get it cheaper, if they are prepared ahead of time with the financing.

Well, today will be a long day, laying on my back, which hurts really bad, so not sure if I can handle that. The nurse said they will try and put a pillow behind my back to help take some of the pressure off of it. I will have Al come in and let y'all know how things went---3 possibilities that I have signed agreements for already----no stint needed, stint needed if over 75% blockage, or open heart surgery. Please keep me in your prayers today.

I will be at my 400Th post before the end of November, so while I am laying down, I will think of something great to send and add some goodies for a great giveaway. The one I did for my Birthday was such fun making, so this one will be a mixture of things for Christmas. Love and Hugs, Pat

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Connie said...

Best wishes and prayers of course, sugar.