Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

What a beautiful site. This is where Donnie wants to move to. It's in Upstate NY and if I remember it's called Trivil or something like that. Wish he would find a house with a mom apt.-lol. I love it when I went in October, because we don't see Autumn like some do. Everything mostly stays green or the leaves just fall off the trees. I can't wait till Christmas when he will be with us. Now if we could just get Chris and David here, it would be a perfect Christmas.

Well, I had my angiogram and was very mad at the doctor. The instructions that I signed said I would be put in a conscious sleep, but when I got into the operating room, he said he didn't do that. Needless to say, I don't like being lied to and was not a happy camper. He found blockage in 4 arteries and 1 was over 70 and one was 65. He said he couldn't put a stint in the 70 one because of where it was. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing. I was wide awake, remember everything, and felt every thing. He then added a medicine that I was already taking, instead of just telling me to double the dose, to save me money. I had just had it filled, so I had 90 days worth of medicine and I was not going to get another one. When the nurse called to see how I was doing, I told her I would not be coming back to him and why. So I guess I had what they call a rage moment, but I was very calm when I told her in no uncertain terms, I would not come back to him, that I didn't like being lied to. She made all these excuses for him, but didn't succeed in changing my mind. I will go back to my former cardiologist. I am on a Beta Blocker and he wanted to put me on another one. Why do doctors think they have to fix something that isn't broken? I have now come to believe what everyone is saying---they make money from the drug companies.

Any how, I feel awful, very sore and I did get my H1N1 injection and it is so sore and a huge bruise and a hematoma at the injection site.

I think I need to do some research about this stint thing. They told my dad the same thing and it wasn't good news, so I am now scared.

I wish you all a very Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. I will be alone and just resting.

I have so much to be thankful for. Friends who care, A God who loves me for who I am. A roof over my head (at least for now), my Faith and even my health, such as it is. It could be worse, so for that I am thankful.

 Love, Hugs, and Many Blessings, Pat


IsabellasCloset said...

Thank God you were not badly hurt when you fell from that tree.
Don't think I can even climb a tree these days.
Hang in there & NOT from any trees!!
Happy Thanksgiving, ~Mary~:-}

The Urban Chic said...

Mary, thanks for your concern. It really means a lot to me. I was only about 2 ft. off the ground, but I was inside of the tree and cut myself up pretty bad, so now I am watching for infection---lots of neosporine. Love and Hugs, Pat