Saturday, November 28, 2009

Good Morning

This beautiful butterfly was on the patio and it looked like something was wrong with it, because it wouldn't fly away when I got near it. I picked it up and noticed on little leg stuck in his wing, so I gently pulled it loose and off he flew.

It is a little chilly this morning, but still a beautiful day. I am finishing my coffee, then pulling out my Cuddlebug and start my Christmas cards. Next week, I am hoping to go to Crowley and get some decorations out, but nothing like in years gone by. I already warned Donnie that my bathroom there is filled with boxes since Al has not put in the attic stairs yet, but the rest will be cleaned and ready to bake cookies. Normally, I would be finished decorating by now, but I am not hauling all my things here, in case I get served with eviction papers-lol.

Have any of you gotten the H1N1 shot yet? My arm is still sore and bruised, not to mention all the cuts on my arm from picking satsumas. Wish I could send you all some. They are so sweet and totally organic. I did bring a large bag to a Missionary Camp and they really enjoyed them.

I was going to visit blogs this morning, but can do that tonight. I want to send more things back to Crowley in case the house is sold soon or auctioned off. Someone told me that if he auctions it off, nothing can leave the house, even though it's mine, so not taking any chances.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and are not too stuffed from all the Thanksgiving food. Love, Hugs, and Prayers, Pat

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