Thursday, December 24, 2009

Donnie is here and we need prayers.

My baby boy is in from NYC and we are having a wonderful visit. Here he is when he first came home from the hospital. He was average size-19" and weight was 7lbs 11ozs.

Now look at him. In my eyes, he is still my first born and he is doing so great. He just told me they added Canada to his District. He is District Manager of Training and Development for Niki in NYC and has the Eastern Seaboard, so he travels often and gets to visit his sister when he goes to Corporate Headquarters in Portland, Oregon. He will be going to Montreal for New Years.
Today he took me for my epidural and then let me sleep it off by taking Theresa (my gd) shopping. He is a wonderful son and uncle and we love him so much, as do we love our other children. I guess you could say I did a good job---he told me I did today. The company just gave him an Iphone, so he doesn't need the 6 Ipods, so I get one of them. Yeh!

My doctor was so funny today. He said I was nothing but skin and bones and I had no butt! Then came the next fun---I had 6 injections before starting the procedure and it still hurt like the dickens! The bad thing about steroids, it causes insomnia for a couple of days and I don't want to take the other Valium. He pushed as much meds into my spine as he could, but it hurts to sit down for long periods. Tomorrow should be a better day and I can do things, like bake cookies and make candy. The nurses all know me and noticed my hair and liked it short, but then they asked me if I cried when they cut it---NOPE! Donnie was very impressed by the service at the Surgical Center. Everyone is so friendly and seem to like what they do, so you never feel stressed out.
Not sure what we will be doing today, but it's raining hard and we are under a tornado watch until morning. The rain will be over as the temps drop during the afternoon, then a very cold Christmas Day.
Well my eyes are getting heavy, so going to try and sleep. I'll be back later today to send greetings to all of you.
Please remember my daughter's boyfriend's mother in your prayers. Her name is Ruthie.  They gave her a couple of days and she was very upset today. I can't possibly have 3 people in a row die the day after Christmas. It just doesn't seem fair. My best friends dad died the day after Christmas 4 years ago. Love, hugs, and Prayers, Pat


Nettie said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS Pat & Donnie...hope that you have a wonderful time together.
Love Nettie

Julie said...

You will LOVE that Ipod! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

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Knitty said...

Merry Christmas and healthy New Year wishes to you and yours!

Amy. said...

Wow what a great son! You are blessed for sure.