Friday, January 8, 2010

Burrrrrr, Baby it's cold outside!

Roses still blooming with light freeze. If you look close you can see a little ice still on them. We never know what will bloom around here---our weather is so unpredictable. This time they got it right. It is downright cold and we are in a deep freeze.

I am lucky that I can let the water trickle because it won't hurt anyone. In the city, it causes pressure to go down, so Al shut his off and drained the pipes. He came here to relight the pilot on the central heating----I'm a chicken when it comes to gas and electricity. Last night I stayed under the covers and didn't want to get up. Tonight it is supposed to be even colder---in the very low  20s, then Sunday in the teens.
We lost a lot of oranges, but saved more than we need, so going to donate them if my siblings don't want to come and get them.
If I could keep my feet warm, I would be fine, but with the nerve damage, it feels like they want to break and I'm wearing 2 pairs of socks.
I will visit all of my fellow bloggers as soon as I can warm up. Wish the cord was long enough to bring the laptop to the bed.  So I will return soon to post my giveaway next week. I have to go to Crowley to pick up some goodies.
I know those of you up North and in the Midwest are having it worse than us and I love winter, but not in the teens---30s are my kind of weather. I pray you all stay warm and safe. There are many people here who are going to bed with little heaters on and 3 houses have already burned down. I think it would be cheaper to buy an electric blanket than lose everything you have and possibly deaths with fires. See you soon. Love, Hugs, and Prayers, Pat


Six divided by two..... said...

I know it is 17 degrees here!!!! It is cold. I am bout to brave outside to see how much ice is out there. Stay Warm!!

Denise said...

Glad that you got to save some of those oranges..... Eat them up girl, they are sooooooooooo good for you. Sorry that your feet are cold, what about a heating pad in the bottom of the bed.. will that work? We were 9 last night and -2 wind chill this morning. Water has been running for three days now.. Thank goodness we live in the country .. we never have an issue with pressure.. I have not been able to do a thing except live here in the dining room and kitchen! I moved my laptop to the table and my computer chair in to the table and here I sit.. Too cold! BUT Spring is coming and I will be in the dirt! I love being in the dirt! Love your roses.. It is a promise from the Father that Spring is coming!