Thursday, January 14, 2010

Waking up from Hibernation

I am just warming up from this deep freeze we were in and I didn't fare too well with it. Some days, I slept for 14 hours, then got up for a few hours, then down for some more sleep.
But I am now getting things together for my giveaway. Almost finished, so stay tuned. I can only afford people in the US to enter, so I apologize for that.

I hope everyone is staying warm. Al had some pipes that froze and he is trying to find out if one broke underground.

I said I would not complain this year, but I am so tired all the time, but hopefully when I see the Doctor on the 2nd, we can try to figure out what is wrong. I am happy and smiling, so I know it's not depression. Last night I was asleep for 8pm and that is so unlike me.

Please pray for the people of Haiti. I looked at a few pictures and it breaks my heart. I just wish more countries would help out. The number of deaths is staggering and they still have more to search for. Lord help them all.

Well better get back to getting my giveaway ready. I know most of you will like it---at least that is my hope. Lots of Love, hugs, and Prayers, Pat


Nettie said...

No worries about only having locals for the giveaway...I understand completely...when on earth did overseas postage get to be so expensive...small seemly light weight parcels cost a small fortune...grrrr
But enough of that!
Hard to believe you're in a freeze or just coming out of one & we are sweltering here "down Under"...though I wouldn't change a thing really...I complain about the hideous heat & humidity but that's all part of being Australian.
Your giveaway will be wonderful...they always have been in previous times & back in the olden days of craft group swaps you were always extremely generous.
Love ya

The Urban Chic said...

Nettie, thank you for understanding. You know if I could I would include everyone, but the last package I sent overseas---well we won't go there. Not only have the prices gone up, but the size of the package got smaller. I'm really ashamed of myself this year, because I have Valentine, Mother's Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas cards started and just lost that "Can't stop crafting" feeling. Luv Ya, Pat

SweetAnnee said...

I sure do not like going out when it is so cold.. I know it is suppose to get warmer this coming week.

Love ya