Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More snow predicited

Well Mother Nature sure has been bad this year. This will be the 3rd time we will have snow, but it has been warm for the last 2 days, so I won't wake up tomorrow with snow on the ground. I told Al that I thought we would get a late snow this year and I predicited 3 times. Hope I win something-lol.
After getting good news yesterday, Al took me shopping and he bought me some more great things. Micheals had a huge coupon sale, so I got some Martha Stewart punches and a ton of Valentine things for next year. We then went to Hobby Lobby and I he bought me some more things. I know he is trying to bribe me into moving back, but we just don't get along. I met him 39 years ago and he has changed so much.

As if that wasn't enough, he was collecting some red hat things for me. But the biggest surprise is a new computer with 4GB memory and 500GB hard drive with an 18 1/2 inch wide flat screen monitor. So now I have to burn everything to my little micro disk so I can transfer everything to the new one. Now I will have enough memory to use Photo Shop Pro and keep my Paint Shop Pro, not to mention all the other programs that take a lot of memory. But the bribe won't work, unless he can control his temper and learn some patience with me. It's not my fault that I am bipolar and yesterday, I went into a rage with him, but apologized afterwards.
Now I get a new phone, because my screen doesn't work anymore, but it's about 3 years old and upgrading won't cause us to lose our roll over minutes. I want a slide phone, but you have to have texting and internet with it and I can't afford that. It would be nice, because at least it would be faster than dial-up.
Well, time for a cat nap---I am getting up earlier every day and I'm still dehydrated, so I am tired all the time. It hurts to drink the amount of water they want me to and my tummy swells up like a huge balloon.  I am working on a project right now that may be an Easter giveaway, but I will finish it before I post it. Have a great day or night and I'm going to set my alarm so I don't miss the snow and Lost, one of my favorite shows in it's final season. Many Blessings, Pat


ThriftyAnnabella said...

We're around the Alexandria area - my kids are looking forward to the snow. Me, I guess I'm ready for summer myself. I agree 3 times in one year??? - must be because our beloved Saints won the Superbowl - LOL

The Urban Chic said...

Anna, it is very strange to have that many snowfalls in our are (even if it's just minor). Guess Hell froze over like they said it would-lol. I am so ready for spring and the last 2 days were gorgeous. I was able to prime and spray paint some things, but now I'm stuck in a very cold house. Thanks for stopping by. Will check out your blog. Hugs, Pat

Julie said...

We had snow in Texas too... I am ready for Spring now!

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