Saturday, February 27, 2010

God Help and Protect your people

Prayers for Hawaii and Chile

Dear Lord, protect the people you created and keep them from harm. May they be blessed with your goodness and love. Please watch over them all as they are going through a terrible time with Earthquakes and now Tsunamis. Amen.

Mother Nature is not being kind at all this year and many people are suffering from blizzards, earthquakes, and now tsunamis. When will this all end. Even the people along the Pacific coast, California, Oregon, and Washington are under low level warnings.  A 1 ft. tsunami wave can wipe you off your feet---I made straight A's in science and no I'm wasn't considered a nerd. I just pray no one is killed in this. I have friends in Australia and they are under a warning also. Please keep all these people in your prayers. Many Blessings, Pat


The Urban Chic said...

Thank God, the tsunami wasn't bad and so far no deaths that I know of. God is great. Bless you Lord. Pat

twinkleshabbystar said...

What a beautiful post Pat. So horrible and sad the natural catastrophies the world is experiencing. My heart goes out to all the families and victims. XO,Jenn

The Urban Chic said...

thank you Jenn. Every time I see your creations with those cute little dolls, I keep remembering the ones I got from my mom's stash of craft supplies. Although some of the things are vintage, most of the crafts are new, like the lace and beads. I have some cute little doll heads that I saw you made something out of them. I really want to open an
Etsy Shop. My daughter has one and she is constantly after me. She owns a vintage clothing and jewelry store in Vancouver, Wa. and is always finding the most beautiful things at estate sales. I think I may take her offer and spend a couple of weeks with her and just ship the things back that I find. She has sent me so many vintage embroidered pieces and she said the ones I can't use, to sell them, so I may just start out selling them on my blog.Hugs,Pat :)