Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Time for Spring

Don't you wish Spring were here and we are very close to it, but for the South to continue this cold streak, I'm afraid we are in for a very hot summer and a horrible hurricane season.

Below is a canvas that I altered in an MSN group, ABCrafting. I need opinions as to whether you would join for something similar for a giveaway. I only had 4 people join my last giveaway and I really would love to have more join in. Let me know what you think, then I will decide if it is worth my time. I used to get lots of visitors, but for some reason, I don't anymore. I guess it's because I talked about my health issues too much. Also, I always add extras when I have a giveaway or swap. So until I get a few opinions, I will leave this posted, then decide what I will do for a giveaway. Now that I am crafting more, I would like to have one every month, even if it's jus a journal that I make from notebooks.

I will also be making a selling blog where I will list things for sell and Al will use his paypal account until I can get started. I have collected some vintage and some really cute and sweet things. I make bookmarks with beads, journals, squash books, altered boxes and they are mostly one of a kind. I will let you all know when the blog is done.

Now to make it interesting, I will give away something with the best name for my new blog. I love pastel colors and have lots of things that I can make for the winner. So put you thinking caps on and come up with something cute and sweet. I thought about Patty's Pretties, because I used that name when I made printable graphics for a girl's web site that I joined.
Well I am headed off to sleep. I have been multi tasking while watching 2012. I have the new brad maker and so I can put pictures on the brads for special scrapbook pages. I don't yet have a laser printer, but that is in the works. Our PT cruiser had problems and it cost over $200 to change a sensor on it---seems like something always happens when things begin to look good.
Good night everyone and God Bless you all. Please remember my friend Joyce in your prayers as she is having surgery on Thursday morning. Love and hugs, Pat :)
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Nettie said...

Oh, I remember doing that "Spring Fling" swap on the ABC site. Seems such a long time ago now. I've still got my 4 (think I finished the 4 of mine myself)...1 representing each of the seasons hanging in my craft room.
That would be a good giveaway...light in weight for mailing.
On another youngest daughter Kathryn is getting married later this year...woo hoo. I'm finally going to be a "mother of the bride"...hahahaha
Take care
Love Nettie

The Urban Chic said...

Nettie, that is wonderful news about Kathryn, I wish I could say the same, but Valentine came and went and still no engagement. Oh well, guess when David is ready, but Chris's eggs are slowly dying, so not much chance for anothe grandchild unless it's through adoption or a miracle. Luv Ya, Pat