Thursday, March 4, 2010

Really great finds.

Great Bargains for my blog Store.

This is a dish and swan from USA and as soon as I look up the value, I will place this in my blog store. As you can see I have been collecting many things to earn extra money to pay off my medical bills, which are continually mounting and with 3 surgeries that will probably happen this year, I need all the help I can muster.

Someone was wrote that they collected broken arms to use in their altered crafts. Well I have a few of these along with legs and they will also be listed in my shop for sale. I also have bodies without the arms and legs and head, but there are heads with black hair also available.

These little bunnies need some work, but they are so cute. the phone box, I bought because I liked it.

I adore this little piece and it is old. I have a pink one at Al's that has a squirrel on it and it is cute also. Probably will go in my store also.

This is a tackle box that I got at Goodwill for $4.99 and looked like no one had put nasty fish stuff in it, so I used it to store old jewelry that I use in altering projects. Below is just "Some" of the jewelry I have. I have the old rhinestone jewelry still in Crowley, but bringing them here to work on a giveaway that I have planned.

This is an AB cruncher that I got for $19.98 and it looks brand new. I can lay back with help and do zero gravity for 12 minutes at a time. The doctor thinks this might help my spine. Ad for as the ab crunches, I did 3 and was sore for a week. I didn't realize how weak my muscles had become, but I think I may keep trying until I get rid of some fat and make some muscle instead.

I love these kinds of snowmen and this one will probably go in my blog store as soon as I set it up. I need to finish more things to sell before I make it. I also have enough products to make some. I did find this one at a thrift store and was excited to find it.


Joyce said...

I like your "Green finds" and that "Ab cruncher"...I need one of those forsure. However I cannot even fathom doing a crunch right now since I just had surgery yesterday.
But a bit later...I will need one.

Denise said...

Hello girl.... I am back from my blog break and had to come by and see how you were... You mentioned a blog store but you did not share a link . Let me know.. How are you feeling and what is there that I need to pray about. You mentioned more surgery so let me know what is going on in your life.... Love ya girl and have missed talking to you.

Joyce said...

Hi Pat,
I got your sweet little card in the mail yesterday! I loved it.
Thank you so much for thinking of me! I really appreciate it.