Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blog Store

I mentioned in a previous post about making a blog store to sell some things I have collected over the years and things that I make. I will let you all know when the link becomes available. Right now I am on dial up, but on Friday, I am having a satellite put in for, so I will have DSL. This dial up sucks and it takes too long to get or do anything. Al is going to pay half of it for me, so I will still be paying what I paid for dial up and will cancel that. They sent me a bill for $1800 for the same number just for trying to dial up after I cancelled my long distance service. I still had LOC and Lake Charles was within my circle, but yet they still charged me. Needless to say, it is their fault and I told them I would not pay a crazy charge like that. They changed my password without telling me and so when I tried to get on line, it kept dialing up to get on with an error. Oh the trouble I have had with ATT and I had enough, spending 4 hours one day on my cell phone to get it straight, so we went from 4000 rollover minutes to 800 just by having to call them on my cell phone. They can't help you if you are on the land line, because it's dial up. Why can't they just leave things alone. I liked my old Internet Explorer page and they now have a new one and you have to click on every subject, news, entertainment, etc. and that is just not a good thing. Even ATT, since they joined Yahoo, has changed. Your emails now open at the bottom of the page instead of opening completely. I am all for change, but they are getting out of hand. Well I need to get to work on a Spring Fling giveaway, so will chat later. Blessings to all who have had surgery lately, Joyce and Carole, hope you are all well and healing. I need to get another card in the mail, so need to get off line and get some work done. Will have before and after pictures to show you later. Love and hugs, Pat

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