Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy FruFru Friday

Welcome to FruFru Friday and my little bear with the ugly face that I recently redressed. She was in a country outfit and a straw hat and I wanted to frufru her up and keep her in my craft room as my little muse. She does make me smile a little. I have a little baby that goes with her, but never got around to finishing her because this is the first day I have stayed home this week.

I couldn't find a hat to fit her in my stash of hats, so I gathered lace and added flowers and pearls to her to make it look like a hat.

The colors show up better in this picture and the bling is an old pony tail holder. I want to make her a wrist cuff and some earrings later on.

It's true what they say about Friday the 13th.Today has been a bad day. Had to get a new battery because Al's car would not start this morning. Now I have to get a new air condtioner for my bedroom because it's on 69 and it feels like it's 80 in my room. So Al will do that for me tomorrow. I have to sleep with a fan in my face because I cannot take the heat and one of my meds makes me feel hotter than it really is.

I hope you enjoy my little bear and I hope you all have a great weekend and your day didn't go like ours did.Hugs, Pat


Connie said...

Of course we love your little bear, honey!!!! Just like we love YOU.

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks Connie. I have an Anne Getty rabbit that is adorable, but soon lots of my dolls will make their way to my granddaughers room, but I have to wait until they buy a bigger house. I'm keeping my grown up lady dolls though, just giving her the little child dolls. Hugs, Pat

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Pat: What a cute little bear! I found out my engine on my car needs new mounts, what ever that is. So I know Friday was not good. However, His mercies are new every morning and today is a new day. I will pray that you get your air fixed real soon. I hate the heat too! Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

The Urban Chic said...

Thank you Connie and Martha. I now have air condtioning.

Jacque said...

Lindo Blog !!!!!!!!
Queres conhecer meus Blogs de imagens ? "BORBOLETA AZUL - DECOUPAGE" e "JARDIM DAS BORBOLETAS - VINTAGE".......


Amy said...

Pat, Love your new profile photo on your blog.
The bear is cute and you did a great job!!
One of the other bloggers left a comment for you at my blog about her brother drinking Coke with peanuts...and she lives in Canada!!! She says he loves it too, like you do. I think it is a neat idea and wonder what other kinds of different food combos people do. Maybe I will post about it.
Hope your days go easier.