Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Need your opinion on my birdhouse-no hurt feelings.

I need your honest opinion on this big pink flower, do you think it's too bright and should I change it to something softer. 2 people said it was ugly and it took away from the birdhouse. All honest opinions are welcomed and I won't be mad-lol.

Today is another hot steaming day and we did get a little rain last night but not enough to cool us down. My new air condtioner is so great, but walking into the kitchen is like walking into a sauna.

I hope your day is better than ours down in the south. I can take the heat, it's just the humidity that is so bad. I had a pack of oreos and they were sealed and when I opened them, they were soft from the humidity, I have even tried sealing things like that in air tight containers but it just doesn't help. Any suggestions? Well going to do some cleaning and then just relax with a book this afternoon. I have to get my driver's license renewed, it came so fast and I hate having to go through that and I must do it before Monday, so hopefully Friday will be a good day to get it done, if not today. Love and hugs, to all of you. Pat


Connie said...

I LIKE it, sugar. I don't know what they mean. Cute.

Nettie said...

Hi Pat,
I do like the birdhouse but the hot pink flower is quite bright...a less brightly coloured flower would look better I think.
Love Nettie