Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Day we will never forget.

On the Anniversary of 911, I hope everyone stops for a minute to pray for the victims and their families that were hurt or killed on 911. The memories of that morning are stilled etched in my brain, especially when my son called to tell me to turn on the TV. The images will never fade away. He couldn't get in touch with his partner and he often visite the Trade Towers, but luckily did not that morning, so one had to call me and I would call the other, because they couldn't call each other in NYC, so we relayed messages all day. It was a sad day for America as we watched and were unable to do anything but pray and go to the firestation to donate money.

I hope your day is good. I didn't have anything to post yesterday because all of my pictures are on my other computer, so sorry I couldn't participate this week. Love and hugs, and any prayers to all who are ill or taking care of aging parents. Pat

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Connie said...

I've cried so many times today looking at all the posts on this, sweetpea. I'll never forget and we will be avenged someday.