Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My wonderful son

You have to love this smile. It's one of my favorites. My son Donnie is excited about his trip to France on the 29th and he has been wanting to go since he graduated from High school. I am so happy for him, but I wish he could fit me in his suitcase. He will also try to get to Italy also if time allows. He has a wonderful job that requires flying alot and when he was young, we had to use elevators because he could not get on an escalator.
He was my first born and I had him the natural way and I never once regretted it and I didn't find it that painful. Of course I was very shy back then and I listened to whatever they told me to do, so the only thing that really bothered me was the sweat. I had very long hair and it was soaking wet. When I first laid eyes on him, I just thought how angelic he looked and now I look at him as the handsome young man he has grown to be. He is polite, gentle, and kind. Not sure I like the tatooes he has, but most of the time, they are covered up. He enjoys his work at Nike in NYC where he is Divisional Manager for Talent and Development, so his job allows him to travel to many states and see the USA on the Eastern Seaboard and Canada. He enjoyed his trip to Canada in the dead of winter and loved it and has since gone back for a mini vacation.

I know I sound like the bragging mom but let's face it, we all do it from time to time and I am so very proud that my children did not get mixed up with drugs and the wild side of life. Never had to intervene like so many parents have to do these days and I pray hard for todays parents. The social life can have so many pressures and some children just can't resist being part of the crowd. So sad. I will pray for all mothers and fathers that are going through this because I cannot imagine what that feels like.

Other than bragging, I have been a little down lately. My back has been so bad and now I caught a cold and I think it's from the stress. My brother is hard to take and there has been a lot of drama in his life, but he is slowly getting his life straight, but his wife, soon to be divorced in October, keeps calling him, then decided to press charges against him for breaking the restraining order. She called begging him to take her back and I flat out told him, I would beat him with mom's cane if he even gave it a second thought. LOL

 I have got some organizing to do. My craft room is a mess and Al has started buying the lumber for the storage room. I am planning on moving back as the more we stayed apart, the closer we got. I know I walked away, and it's something I regret doing, but we all have to live with our mistakes and mine was a huge one the day I moved to my sisters house, but I can't go back, only forward. I will probably get nothing from our inheritance, but I look at it this way now. I didn't have it before and so it's something I won't miss. God will take care of our needs and sometimes He gives me what I want, so it's all good.
Pet Peeve for today
I hate it when people get into a line that is meant for 20 items or less and they have a full basket of groceries. No sense in having a speedy checkout if you let people check out with their full baskets, while your quick trip for ice cream turns into liquid.
Best get to what I need to do. Hope you all have a great week. Love and hugs, Pat

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