Sunday, September 19, 2010

Driving Miss Daisy

Last night we went to a Broadway Show in our little town of Jennings and I can tell you that from experience, the players were awesome. The woman who play Miss Daisy never miss a beat and she was at the perfect age to play her, but the best part of the play was the man who played Hoke, her driver. The directer who is a friend of mine taugh him to correct way to speak fluant english and lose the African American diaolect, had to teach him to speak it again. This was also his first play and he was super great. If you have seen the movie, you know it was funny in the beginning, but very touching and tearful at the end. The cast had you believing you were right there in Atlanta where every thing took place. If you ever get a chance to go to your Community Theatre, you wlll not regret it. We had seats on the 4th row and it was so enjoyable.

My friend did a great job directing it and even though there were only 3 characters, the changing scenes were many and the man who controlled the light and sound had just gotten out of the hospital that day, and he was great and never missed a correct sound when it needed, including birds singing. It was truly a great new experience for me because I had not been to one in our little town before..
I am still on the down side of a bad chest cold,but should know something on Tuesday. It has dragged on for over a week and I'm afraid of it turning into a bad infection that could put me in the hospital, which is usually the case, so please say a little pray that antibiotics can do the trick. There is not much I can take for coughing due to my other meds. I am having friends over for dinner today, so that should be fun. Going to make my easy shrimp scampi with Texas toast and cake.
Hope you all have a Blessed Sunday. Love and hugs, Pat

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