Monday, September 20, 2010

Hurry up Christmas

Happy Monday everyone. Not much to say today, but I did get my blood work done, but couldn't tinkle for nothing. Drank 8 cups of water and still nothing. They are checking my kidneys because of some of my medications can cause renal failure. I pray it justs something simple, like dehydration. The test were done at 7am and I still haven't been able to go. I now this is a creepy post, but it's the only way I can put it.

I have 2 benefits I am working on and one is on the 2nd, so I must get busy. I made the candy wrappers already, so I will work on the kiss roses if my test go well. Still weak from what ever is wrong and hopefully my doctor will have the results tomorrow when I visit him.

It's very hot already and I am tired of summer, so looking forward to fall. The floor supports are up and will soon be starting the sides of the storage room so I can move back home. Things are going great and I am a much happier person now that I let God take over what I can't change. I never in my life dreamed that my sister and best friend would turn on me like a shark, but my life has to go on, so I no longer hold any grudges and wish that she could let go of the past and move on like I did. It would be wonderful to reunite with her, but I am not counting on that. Whatever God decides will happen and if He feels we shouldn't get back together, then so be it, but I do miss her terribly and I can't lie, it hurts very much, but she refuses to even speak to me.

I am so excited thinking about Christmas this year that if I wouldn't be afraid of the white coats coming after me, I would start decorating now-lol. I did purchase a few little things for my gingerbread tree. Found some adorable little cupcake ornaments to go on the tree.  Well hope I didn't bore you to sleep. Love and hugs to all my followers and those who just drop in without commenting. Pat


Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Pat,
Oh so nice to meet you today and thank you for stopping by my blog, your kind comment and following. I did the same here and so enjoyed my visit. Your blog is lovely.

I hope your test goes well and you feel better soon with no kidney issues. I will remember you in prayers.

Have a wonderful evening and hope to see you again soon.
Hugs and blessings,
Celestina Marie

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Amy said...

I laughed about you wanting to decorate early. Here at our house my little NIcholas wanted to put the pretend graveyard out in the front yard for Halloween at the beginning of Sept!! I told him we would have to wait so the neighbors didn't think we were nuts!!!

Joyce said...

Don't worry about decorating early...I know a family out your way that decorates in SEPTEMBER because they own a business and she can't do it any later because they are sooooo busy with the sales for their company for Christmas.
Go ahead and start if you need to...just add something every week. HA!
Hope your tests all go well and nothing is wrong.

Karena said...


Take good care & of course just enjoy the beautiful autumn until winter arises....

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