Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No pictures today-the love of a husband

Well I don't have pictures to post, but I thought I would drop in and say hello. I'm still battling the infection and will go for more blood work on Thursday, then back to the doctor on the 4th. I am so sick of the pain, I took a crying spell and told hubby that I could still remember the day my life changed. May 23, 2000. The day before I work in my garden finishing up some landscaping and planting new vines, then the next day, I am in surgery and nothing has been the same since. No one needs to hear that you will be in pain for the rest of your life and that it will get worse with age. It was like a death sentence for someone like me who walked 5 miles every day except Sundays. I was very active, did craft shows several times a year, worked every day in my craft room till sometimes 4 in the morning and now I can barely care for myself. That's the one thing  the staph has not taken away yet. I can still bathe and doing little things around the house, but to be able to spring clean has to left when someone can help me and I give instructions. That's where hubby came in and took over. If you ever met this man, you would wonder why I even left him, but stress is a killer of all things good and bad. But the happy news is that is has brought us closer, so God knew what He was doing.  Everyone says, they have never met a man like him and he is a good man. His life changed along with mine, so on Sunday afternoons, it's his time. When I go to bed, it's his time or when I stay in the country, he has a little time for himself. He is an awesome husband and dad and always has time for other people. I don't think I ever remember him saying no to someone who needed a helping hand. Our house has suffered because of this and needs painting, but with working over time, he just doesn't have the time to do it right now. Hopefully my new injections will allow me to do more things and give him free time to do the things that need to be done.
Well got all that off my chest and feels like I have been to therapy free of charge. I know sometimes my posts seems like a downer, but today is supposed to make one feel good. There are many husbands who aren't taken seriously and I want you all to know that I do have a wonderful man to take care of me. Many would have just walked away and said to heck with this, but he stayed, even after hearing what the doctors said about the pain. And I do love him. So thank your hubby for the little things they do---like writing a love note with lipstick on the mirror before they get up. I can' tell you how many times I did that and then had to clean the mess-lol. I hope you have a wonderful fall day. It is beautiful and cool today, so no air condtioning on. Love and hugs, Pat


Mary said...

Hello Miss Pat, Hope this finds you having a better day. I have good and not so good days. I have been getting around and doing most things. Not as much as I want.
So glad that you have a sweet Hubby that helps you.I have a sweet one too, if he can stand all my directions:) My short tern memory is terrible, so he hears it twice. It's so different the way they think cleaning up the kitchen and the way we do it ?:)
Sending Prayers and Love, Mary:)

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hello Sweet Pat! I'm catching up on all your past posts this evening (I've been away a lot because I've been sick yet again!).

So sorry that you haven't been well either. I pray that we will both soon have our health restored. I'm more thrilled than you can imagine that you are blessed to have Al back in your life and to help you. You are a precious friend to me. I have my little sumpin' ready to send you and have misplaced your address so please email it to me again!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

The Urban Chic said...

Stephanie, I can't find your email so you can send it to this address. That is so sweet of you.
Pat Jochum
410 East Texas
Rayne, La. 70578

If you read my post, our kitchen burned a little bit, but enough to make a huge black mess in 4 rooms. Hugs, Pat