Monday, October 4, 2010

Still cleaning

I tried to download the picture of my kitchen, but hubby's camera has weak batteries and it wouldn't come on, so will have to wait. The crew is still cleaning soot and I didn't realize how fast spreading the soot could be and how far it went from my kitchen.
Good news from the adjuster. We have $4,800 worth of damage and that does not count the cleaning crew and the carpet guy who will be coming and my trip to the hospital. I did go play bingo and won about $400, so that is going to buy me a new microwave to match my stove. Mine is black and it's old, so a new one will be good. They are replacing my wallpaper and ceiling tiles, so we have a lot of work in store, removing the burned wall paper and stripping the rest of the room. I am going to look for a soft white with pink roses that is not busy and the rest of the kitchen will be painted white. I am starting to collect pink things for my kitchen and my first purchase was a cupcake cookie jar. I want to find other pink small appliances if I can, but that all has to come after the new stove. I thought about stainless steel, but changed my mind because I like white.
My craft room was filled with black soot also, but they cleaned every little thing in the room---wish they knew how to organize---that would have been perfect.
I go today to find out if my kidneys are back functioning properly and I pray for good news. I think I am hydrated again, so that is good, but I am so sick of water and the only other thing I can drink is sugar free drinks and they leave a nasty taste in my mouth. I love orange juice, but the doctor took me off because of the diabetes. So far I am keeping my sugar at a normal range, but I had to give up lots of sweets and I love chocolate, so it was a disappointment to tell me to cut back and only have a piece a day.
Hope to have the picture of my kitchen up tomorrow and I am so thankful to God for helping me out on this one. I didn't panic, so that was a good thing, since I had to feel for the extenguisher in the dark. When the vent shorted out, it knocked all the lights out, which was a good thing.
Well I am going in my bedroom(no soot in there) and just relax until my friend gets here to take me to the doctor and do some shopping for a stove. Love and hugs and I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful fall weather we are having. The temp was 48 this morning and only getting into the 60s for today. Love that kind of weather. Pat

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