Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This is what I did from being forgetful

I know this doesn't look like much damage, but it's the black soot that was in 4 rooms that was the worse and it's hard to take pictures of that. As you can see we had to take the door down from above the cabinet because it was burned really bad, but we have to take the entire cabinet down and build a new one.
It could have been worse had I gone to take a nap, but thank God the phone rang and it wasn't worse. The cleaning crew is almost done and the stove is gone out of the house and now we have to start repairs before we bring in a new stove and hood vent. I am hoping to find a microwave with a vent that way it will take up less space and the insurance gave us $179 towards a new vent, so if we have to, we will pay the difference. New wallpaper will be put up after the first of the year. I don't need the mess with my children coming in 2 months, but we will tear out and clean up the burned area. Al is going to wipe down the molding at the top and then we can put the new stove in. Going to stick with white with a white door instead if I can find one.
My doctor is concerned that I am forgetting important things. I even went for one of my appointments a month early. They did a memory test, but in December, he wants to run a brain CT or MRI, just to rule out anything serious. I guess it's just old age setting in, but my grandfather had Alzeihmers and so does my aunt, so better safe. I was always good at remembering people and now I am not so good anymore. Well I am going relax today---got my flu shot and I am very tired and besides I don't want to be in the cleaning crews way. Have a great day---it is so beautiful today and I wish it could last but the cold is setting in already with nights in the high 40s. Love and hugs, Pat


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Sweet Pat! It does look like a mess but could have been much worse. I'm so thankful that you are alright. Hope your flu shot doesn't make you feel icky. Woo Hoo on winning a little extra cash to help get a microwave. I'll be glad when your clean up crew is done and I KNOW you will be.

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

The Urban Chic said...

Stephanie, we found the perfect microwave with a vent that will go above my stove which we already picked out and as soon as the insurance check comes back, we will be able to cook again, but no greasy foods anymore. My house is finished except for the carpets and they should be here today. I won another $200, so now I can look for some pink things. Thanks for stopping by. And yes my flu shot made me feel sick for 4 days, but finally feel better today, but the arm is still sore. Hugs, Pat