Saturday, October 9, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This month is breast cancer Awareness Month and I hope that all of you get your yearly mammogram. Many lives have been saved by self exam and mammorgrams. Our own Amy from Foursistersinacottage and Sweet Deena from Can I be Pretty in Pink have shown us all what it is like and I pray that none of us have to go through the pain and agony that this monster can do to our bodies. I have mine done the same year in February, because it is the month of my 2 older children and hubbys birthdays and that is my way of showing them I care. I do daily self breast exams because I have hormonal cysts and have 3 aunts who battled and won breast cancer, so I am very concerned about everyone doing this. The brave women who fought and some lost should always be remembered because research continues and some day this evil monster will be conquered and destroyed.

I urge you all to go out and purchase on pink breast cancer item so that more money goes into research. It can be something as small as clips for your chips. I have many items that I have purchase and will go well in my new kitchen.

I am suffering now with bouts of dementia and they are running blood work and I will have a brain scan done in December, so if I repeat myself or forget something, please forgive me. That was the reason I caught my kitchen on fire, I totally forgot about the grease heating. I am now taking a special vitamin for memory loss and have to do daily mind exercises to prevent this from happening again. Please keep all the breast cancer warriors in your prayers and I could use a little prayer myself right now. I hope you have a beautiful weekend, like we are having. Makes me want to fall into a pile of leaves, but I am scared of spiders-lol. Love, hugs, and prayers.


Miss Rhea said...

Prayers lifted for you Sweet Girl. I too have had lots of memory issues the last few years. I have left things on the stove and burned them. I just forget I was cooking lunch. Something that may help you, ( it did me ) is to set a Timer when you cook and carry it to whatever room you are in as a reminder to check the food. I do this every time I cook now. Silly, but it works. I hope they get to the bottom of this soon for you. Lots of Hugs coming your way :)

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Dear Pat, what a wonderful loving post about breast cancer! Thanks for sharing it. I continue to keep you in my prayers. I'm sure the doctors will be able to find ways to help you, dear friend.

Happy PS!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks Rhea and Stephanie for stopping by. Your comments are both uplifting and sweet. I don't cook alone anymore, except for soup or red beans, things that I know won't burn because the smell is all over the house and is a reminder of things cooking on the stove.Also going to buy me a timer to carry around. Sounds like a great idea, so thanks Rhea for that.

Julie said...

I did the same thing .. catching my kitchen on fire... when I was 26! So don't think it is exclusive to being older..