Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christmas has come to my house

Christmas is now appearing at my house. I will take pictures when I am totally finished. I wasn't going to go all out this year, but decided since it cheers me up so much, I now have 3 trees in my living room and one small tree for my Mary's Angels collection. I have a mouse tree, a cat and dog tree, and the big Santa tree. I also put my Peanuts gang things out, but they will be moved to the dining room along with the snowmen. I still won't put everything I have up because it's way too much. We have been collecting since 1983 and I have enough for 8 people to decorate their homes. I have a special closet that is used for holiday things, so it's always out of sight. My dining room will be decorated last because of Thanksgiving. I do have a few fall things that I like so I will make room for them on my table.
Most people think I have OCD and they are right, but it's what keeps me happy and to each his own. I know a lady right now who has 8 trees up and each is a different color from blue to pink and the traditional green tree. My neighbor came over last night and said she told her friend, she needs to come and see my house when it's finished. That's how things get started. Word of mouth goes out and I have people come just to look at my decorations. They think that we just went out and bought all this stuff at one time, but I remember when we only had one big tree and would put all our ornaments on one tree, but with the theme ornaments from Hallmark, it got to where we needed more trees to show them off and I like doing the theme trees. I have the Wizard of Oz which is my favorite tree and that could stay out all year, but the ornaments are very delicate and I would be dusting every week to keep them in almost mint condition.
Well hope to have pictures soon, but they will be posted on my Christmas blog. I will do several posts so it doesn't take so much time to load. That was a mistake I made the first year. You are welcome to go and check the old ones out and maybe that will get you in the Christmas spirit. I still have to make room for my nativity tree, because that has to be up and it will probably be in my bedroom as usual, but I want to add some pink to it. The tree is white and I have some pink glass ornaments, so it really doesn't matter what the ornament colors are, it has to be out, because that is the reason for the season and we have a stocking just for Jesus that we put our letters of Thanks and Blessings in. It's cold here and the perfect day for listening to Christmas music and decorating, so I am off to finish my Santa tree. Hope you have a great weekend. Love, hugs, and prayers to all my friends and others in blogland and the world.

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Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Pat! I can't wait to see all your pretty decorations on your Christmas blog! I didn't know you had Charlie Brown ornies. If you run out of decorating room, have you ever tried decorating in your bathrooms? You could do a small corner or shelf with some of your favorite collectibles!

Angelic Accents