Monday, November 22, 2010

No pics today

I have been busy decorating and making my Chrismas cards to send out. I still need about 20, but they are coming along and should be finished for December 1st.
Hubby has started on the storage room that will be a closet and part sitting area for my bedroom, but for now, it will be used to pack up my craft supplies and furniture. It took an act of God to get the permit. They almost wanted an archtectural drawing of what he was building----down to how many 2x4 we will be using. My closet will be 8x10 and the sittting area 8x10. I am tired of packing summer clothes to make room for winter clothes because down south, you never know what the day will be like. It is supposed to turn cold tonight and I had to haul out and wash some winter clothes again. Rain is forcast for Thanksgiving day, so I am glad we got the garland up around the door outside. Just have to finish the picture window and add a few little touches outside. I gave away all my outdoor decorations because of storage space and now I wish I still had a few of the things, but they are in good homes and the people appreciate them.
Well going to see what else I can dig up to put out. My bathroom is bare, but I need to keep it simple since my other bathroom is filled with boxes of crafts and material I inherited.
Hope you all have a wonderful day. Love, hugs, and Blessings, Pat


Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

What a special inheritance! Enjoy your collection of lace and remember your mom in the meantime. Thanks for stopping by to seem my lace post!

The Urban Chic said...

Cindy, thanks for stopping by. I love it when new people come by. I hope you get a chance to visit my Christmas blog. My mom's lace will be used as crafts and things and I have already given some away in a giveaway I had. I need to have another soon. Hugs, Pat