Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sneak Peek on my Christmas blog

I started posting pictures of my Christmas decorations, but just a sneak peek at what I am doing. I know it may all look the same as the passed years, but it's just the same things, done in different places. Can't do like I used to do because we need room for my children. The picture on my banner was taken last Christmas eve. I hope you will come on over because there will be more to come later. I am usually finished by now, but we have a lot going on and one of them is adding a room onto my bedroom to make it larger with an 8X10 closet. For now it will be used for storage until I have a garage sale and in the spring, my new craft room will be started and may take some time because Al has not had a day off except for Sundays in over 2 years. He will be off Thanksgiving week but will be working harder than he does at his real job, but we will stop on Thanksgiving. I don't do Black Friday, because it's so crazy and people stampede and fight over items like they are crazy. I'm sorry but there is nothing in the world that I need or want on that day. I know others go to the sales, but I just don't picture myself doing it. I am a simple girl who does her shopping year round and my gifts are carefully picked for the person I am buying them for. So stop by and visit. Love and hugs, Pat

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