Friday, December 3, 2010

Down with pain

Sorry, I haven't been posting, but my back is hurting really bad and I pulled a muscle in my arm. Went to the doctor yesterday and I have to do some arm exercises with little bar bells and I am also having an epidural done on Wednesday. I got an injection of 'Depokote yesterday and that has helped so much. I need to get my body muscles back in shape before my kiddies get here.

I haven't been doing much except watching Christmas movies and making my own cards which need to go out soon. I also have a few packages that I need to get into the mail before it's too late, so that is what my life has been like lately. I have to have help to get my bra on, but hopefully the injection will help and I can do it on my own-lol.
I will try and finish posting my Christmas pictures on my blog next week, so hope you stop by and visit. Love,hugs, and prayers to all of you. Pat


Connie said...

Sugar, just take care of yourself. If anyone understands this, it's me!


Joyce said...

I hate pain so much. I'm down with it myself....the RA is attacking my hip the past several days. Last night was SO bad that I couldn't sleep much pain and I couldn't get comfortable. I had to call in and miss work today. Which is fine but it's the intense pain that is hard to deal with. Blah...take care Pat and I hope you'll feel better soon.

The Urban Chic said...

Thank you so much Connie and Joyce. I will be going in the morning for my epidural and then I can enjoy Christmas. Love, hugs, and many Blessings. Pat