Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene

I pray that everyone who lives on the East Coast was spared any damage or flooding. I was worried about my son in NYC and as things turned out, he missed the subway to go home in Jersey so had to stay in NYC with a friend in the Bronx and wasn't able to get home until this morning. Not sure if his flight to Oregon was cancelled or not, but he was supposed to fly out this morning.

I'm doing well considering the 100 degree weather we have been having. It is too hot to do anything or go out and the air conditioning is straining to keep us cool. I for one will be happy to see fall next month with cooler weather. I am not much on winters anymore but this will surely beat the heat and humidity we have. We are predicted to have some 80 temps at the end of the week and hopely that will help cool things off. A couple of weeks ago, I had to drive in a lightening storm and it was not fun or pretty. Several homes caught fire from lightening strikes and the strikes came awfully close to me. It was the longest drive in memory.

Hope everyone is well and doing good. I miss blogging, but too tired to get on sometimes. Since my heart attack, I have been a little depressed off and on and it's the one thing I thought would never happen to me. Oh well life goes on such as it is.
May you all be Blessed. Love and hugs, Pat


Denise said...

Still so hot here.... I am anxious for fall to get here and I am a summer person...... Glad that your son is safe.... I think that NYC needs to be thankful ... could have been so much worse..... I am getting back into the blog cause I have so missed my friends... got lots to share with my blog buddies and hope to get started writing on my Samaritan Women blog again.. Have had to reevaluate my life this past year...... so many emotions..... So many things to learn.......but the Father God has been merciful........

Love ya girl.... have a blessed Tuesday....

The Urban Chic said...

Denise thanks for stopping by. I too will be happy for fall to get here. It is just tooo hot to do anything.

Nettie said...

Starting to warm up here in Oz after we had a very cold & wet winter. Garden is growing quite well from all the winter rains. Pruned back a lot of the garden in my front yard yesterday will do the back yard garden next week after my garbage bin gets emptied.
I don't blog much either so that's not anything to be concerned about.
Miss the old craft site & the days of chatting on that site.
Take care
Love Nettie