Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Card fronts

Well I have my hands full when I move.
These are all the card fronts that I have done
since January and I have many of the embellishments
for them---just need to get them finished for our shop.
Then maybe I can "find" some free time to make some
altered stuff and some beaded collars for the candle jars we
will have in the shop. I will probably sell all my old things
because we are having one room just for that. We may be
taking a trip to Dallas to market and that should be fun.
If any of you have any great tips for us, they would surely be
welcomed. Also if any of you do wholesale, we would welcome
unique items that we could purchase from you.
Well, the shrimp scampi is calling me, and my tummy has answered.
Catch you later gator!


Anonymous said...

Love all your card sure have been busy.


wow card fronts in abundance what are your plans with these?
send some my way if you have to many:)
great and maybe some stampin on the cards or do you only do fronts like you show at the moment?
have a nice day and i hope to get some new cards up soon on my blog

Bernadette said...

Your cards are terrific Pat, I feel like an amateur next to you.

Becca said...

The owl is beautiful.