Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bad blogger

Well I am a bad blogger. I have been working on things, but I am at my former home packing up Christmas things to bring to my apt. Had some trees to undecorate and pack for the move. I only have room for a tree in my bedroom part and a small one on the corner desk ---which will be my Wizard of Oz collection and I will decorate my kitchen in gingerbreads. Glad Brenda is going to let me store the boxes in her garage until I can get a good storage building. My holiday closet is 8x12 and I really don't want to get rid of my collection of each holiday until I know how much can be used when the addition is done. I may change my mind and put up my Red Hat tree also if I can make room for it.

I have no new pictures of the shop, but it's just about ready for moving things in. Brenda has put up the black velvet curtains for the dressing rooms and took a bench that was ruined from Katrina and painted it black and recovered it. Here she was telling me she couldn't do it and I knew she could and she did a great job. The dressing room area will be cleared on weekends because she wants to have tea parties there for little girls---and the mom's can shop while the party is going on. That was my idea and I'm glad she decided to do it. So now I am on the look out for party dresses at Goodwill and garage sales. Al could make the table and chairs for her, but she said he has too many other important things to do, so she is going to buy some pink and purple ones---if not, we will spray paint them.

We are going to Atanta on the 13th to Market and the business is paying my ticket and hotel. I can't wait to show ya'll the beautiful clothes, jewelry, and purses she has gotten in already. She also will have used clothes, hence the name The Old, The New, and The Beautiful. Only name brand clothes and we have found some wonderful things for that area. She decided to order 2 full body manequins beside the headless ones. She got some jewelry from a girl from Italy and they are so beautiful. There are people from all over the world selling their goods at Market and I get to pick some gifts out for the shop. She said I will go crazy when I see all the things there---there are 3 buildings with about 7 floors each, but she knows which she will go to first from her previous trip.

I am hoping to meet one of my MSN group friends, so that will be an added treat.

For those that know me, you will only get to see last years Christmas tour, except for my kitchen. I will post my Christmas blog when I finish with it, Then you will know how bipolar I really am-lol. I really want to do an "adult" tree, so it will have to be the one in Brenda's shop. 80% of my ornaments are Hallmark---have been collecting since 1980 and I have different theme trees---snowmen, santas, angels, family tree, gingerbreads, nativity, Charlie Brown, Wizard of Oz just to name a few. I have always admired the beautiful pinks, silver, gold, and red trees, but have never done one. I do have a Red Hat tree(white) that I really like.

Well hoping everyone will visit---guess I have to get busy and make some eye candy as it's very boring here right now. Wishing you all a wonderful day.


carole said...

Hi Pat:
You, my dear, are not a bad blogger. You are just so busy!!!
I know how difficult it is to move from a home to an apartment and I have a storage that is crazy. I forget things I have until I go in there and start seeing things I forgot about. Now that is bipolar : )
The market sounds huge and lots of fun!!! Can't wait to see the jewelry from Italy and everything in the shop!!!
Take care

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks Carol, I am visiting my dad, but Brenda said they are moving the store fixtures in this weekend, then the fun begins. Will take pics when I return home. Hugs, Pat

Julie said...

I think I would love to own my own retail business just so I could have the excuse of having my Christmas decor up for 3 months instead of just one! Have a great day!