Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I've been tagged

Okay, I've been tagged by Nettie from Australia and after I list my answers, I will tag someone else and you just copy and paste on your blog, then tag someone else.

This is apparently a NEW tag that is going on in Blog land...

1. FOUR PLACES I HAVE LIVED? I've lived in the same state of Louisiana, but in Jennings, Crowley, New Orleans, and Gramercy

2. FOUR PLACES I HAVE BEEN ON VACATION? Wyoming, New York, Branson, Missouri, Vancouver, Washington

3. FOUR OF MY FAVOURITE FOODS? Salads, Mexican food, shrimp, crabs

4. FOUR PLACES I'D RATHER BE RIGHT NOW? With my x, with my dad, with my children, on a quiet lake

Change my answers & replace with your own answers...& TAG someone else

I now tag Jackie at Inspriration Creation

1 comment:

Amy Wagner said...

Thanks for the great comment you left!
Wow! A private detective! She has a real "in"!