Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Update on Brenda's shop

Well I am a huge Duh! today. I guess I should check my own post as I seen I had already posted the canvas. Now I know I need to get back to work and clear the fog that has now enveloped my brain---not that it hasn't been there for some time-lol. So this is a new update on the shop. I didn't go tonight because they were cleaning up and that's something I can't do and the dust would have killed me. I can't wait to get in and start decorating it. I hope I do it justice. It has to stay Chic, so I have to throw the country out of my thinking. We are going with black, touches of red and pink---she got black velvet curtains for the dressing rooms. I get to go to Atlanta to Market next month with her and you should see the clothes that have come in already---awesome, but sure wish my boobs weren't so big so I could wear some of them. The coconut purses are to die for. Brenda wants me to set up a blog with pictures of the store, but I told her she needs a web site and that I don't know how to do. So anyone reading this, if you do web sites. email me and give me a price for her. The shop is very large for a boutique, but we have so much stuff I am worried that it won't all fit.

Smooch you would love Market, as Brenda described it for me. She is allowed to bring guests who can pick clothes out and get them at wholesale prices, so I am hoping to find some things for big boob petites for my 5'1" figure-lol. So here is the newest picture of the painted shop---please ignore the mess. This is looking to the back of the shop---the double doors are Brenda's office and the wall jutting out is the 3 dressing rooms.

The next picture is facing the front of the shop. The new window and door should be in this week and the alarm system put in. All the register stuff and phone lines are in, and the register will automatically do the bar scans so inventory will be easy.

These are the dressing rooms that will have black velvet curtains and we had to make one of them to fit a wheelchair. So now it's just a matter of putting it all together, if they got the carpet clean---they waited to put the plastic down after putting in the drywall.


Nettie said...

Hi Pat,
Should be fantastic when it's all completed...the Market sounds like it would be great place to visit.

Well, I am going to TAG you...so Tag you're it...

This is apparently a NEW tag that is going on in Blog land...

1. FOUR PLACES I HAVE LIVED? I've only lived in NSW...so I can only answer with 1 place.

2. FOUR PLACES I HAVE BEEN ON VACATION? Hawaii, New Zealand, Queensland, Victoria

3. FOUR OF MY FAVOURITE FOODS? Pizza, Pasta, BBQ sausages, Satay Chicken

4. FOUR PLACES I'D RATHER BE RIGHT NOW? Hawaii, UK, Canada, USA - mainland

Delete my answers & replace with your own answers...& TAG someone else

Take care,

IsabellaCloset said...

Pat, Wow does Brenda's shop ever look like is going to be wonderful!!! ~Mary~:-}

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks Nettie and Mary. Yes the shop is really moving along. She has worked on more since I left and is really looking good. Will post the new pics when I return home next week.