Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I did a little crafting

Well don't want to bore you, but I have been a little down for the last month. I talk to my dad in the morning and he just sounds so lonely and then I cry the minute I get off the phone. What do you tell someone you love so much, he has never been alone for 62 years. My younger sister, by the way is the one in the blue jean shorts, (I am the red head on the left of my dad) is taking my dad to Texas to spend a couple of days with his baby sister and go to the Casino. Hope you win Dad.

Anyway, I did do 2 projects, one I can't show yet, as it goes in the mail in the morning and then I wanted to play around with a canvas I got from mom's things and made my little niece an altered canvas for her new room. I misunderstood her because she wanted a 12" wooden puzzle piece that Al makes in her room colors, so now I have to work on that. But she likes the canvas, so it's just an extra surprise for her. I really wanted to go wild with it, but she is putting some of her friends pictures on it, so had to leave room. Now I have to do a pink and purple one for her little sister.

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