Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lots of work going on

Now just look at these colors---this is what my little bathroom looked like before we primed and painted. Although I really like red, this was not my favorite place to be, but it has been re done with what we had and bought a few things. The cabinets are just utility cabinets for now as they serve the purpose, but will be changed one day.

Here is the after shots of the same room.
As you can see the shower is still un tiled, so trips into Brenda's house are required and then I have to change again, because I don't like walking around my bil in my jammies.
I chose the colors black, white, and silver because I wanted something
different than what I was used to---country for 20 years.

I was hoping we could have put a bath in the double closet,
but a new water heater has taken that space---I still like
to soak every now and then. But I think with the new spa shower head, I will be able to sit on a shower stool and just let the water
relax me enough.
I am looking for a unique hanging lamp for over the mirror, so that will wait until I find the perfect one.
Now Brenda has boxes and boxes of tile that has been sitting for over
2 months and she is always too busy on the computer to start the job.
Did I tell you she's a procrastinator! But once she starts she doesn't know
when to stop. She hired someone to do her shop and it's coming along
just as slow, but that's because they have day jobs and work at night. Will post those pics later. I need to get the before shots from Brenda as I deleted them from my files.


Nettie said... THAT was some colour...think the toned down colour is great...though sometimes a bit of WILD colour is good

Amy Wagner said...

The room looks great! Isn't it like a spirit lift when something changes, something as simple as paint color!!!?
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carole said...

Hi Pat:
Your blog is looking good!!!
I love the black, white and silver theme. I hope youa re feeling well.

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks so much gals. I really need stuff to keep me busy. Haven't been in a crafting mood, but trying to push myself. Maybe I should try calling my dad at night instead. I can't wait for it to be finished.

Mary said...

Hello Pat, Well you have been busy with all the construction going on. Looking Good:) Brandy would love the black and white. Have a nice day :)