Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hello everyone

I'm back for a little while and hope to have something good to post.

This is the new bride, my cousin Candice and Dustin. The wedding was beautiful, but I had to change clothes before

because it was too cold to wear what I wanted to wear.

This is my aunts gggd and she was the center of attraction at the wedding. She just danced the night away.

This is me with my dads' 2 sisters and my uncle. The other lady is the mother of one of our close friends. We had a wonderful time, but by 11p.m., I was tired and hurting, so

we went home like old people.

I have been busy making Easter candy bouquets and some gift baskets for a benefit this Saturday to help pay for a friends' moms funeral expenses. Their brother was killed in a car accident and when they told Eva, she collapsed and died. It was a terrible thing and this was her 3rd child to lose before she died. Her daughter, my childhood friend, died from breast cancer because she quit her chemo---said she couldn't take it anymore and just gave up.

As soon as I get my scrapbook desk cleared, I have new projects to try---so I am feeling a little crafty lately and hope it remains.

The reason I need a break is because I seem to be sad a lot lately---my dads' birthday is Saturday and we are having a special mass for him. I know I will feel better soon, but I never knew it would be this hard, and I want to be happy again, like my old self. I felt if I can't post anything good, I just need to stay away and not post anything.

My joys today are many

God has blessed me with a beautiful day

My children are all safe, healthy and

doing fine.

I have many friends who pray for me.

I have a roof over my head, food on

the table and clean clothes to wear.

Flowers are blooming and birds are singing.

What else could one want!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy the things you have. Don't wait for things to happen before you use your good linen, china, and pretty things that you are saving. Smile at everyone you meet today and always, you just might meet someone who needed that smile. Loads of Love, Pat


southern queen bee said...

So sorry to hear about your friends' mother. That is so sad. What a great thing you are doing to help the family. Happy Crafting...MISSY

Joyce said...

That was a very tragic story about your friend's Mother AND Brother. So sorry to hear about that. It will be a good thing for you to do those Easter craft projects not only for them but it gives you some "purpose" and that always helps when one is feeling a tad bit "low."
Hang in there.

Mary Isabella said...

I am so sorry for this family. You are a true friend...

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks everyone. I am blushing, but you must know that there are over 20 women envolved in this, plus others who are donating things to help out. It always make me feel good to help out with these bingos as I love to play. Will let you know how much is raised. Love and Hugs, Pat

Mary said...
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Mary said...


What a tragedy that the son was killed and the mother collapsed and died. I will be praying for the family.

If you are feeling sad, be sure to let us know. That way we can lift you up in prayer.


Julie said...

Very good advice!

My Pink Boutique said...

Hi Pat, thank you for visiting my blog. Your niece and her new hubby look so happy! Congrats to the lovely couple!! :)

I'm sorry you're feeling down lately. I'll keep you in my prayers.


carole said...

Hi Pat:
Sadness is all over Bloglandia : (
It is nice to be able to be involved in helping others! That is your nature : )
Thank you for the e-mail. I am writing you back.
Peace & Love