Saturday, December 27, 2008

Very Sad Day yesterday

Mr. Benoit has been taken home to be with his loving wife and Garland.

December 26th is not a good day for my friends or me. Pop, Mr. Benoit, died yesterday afternoon, one year apart from my dad. I am doing what I can to help Bryan and the rest of the family and I for one will surely miss this wonderful and generous man. He was is loving father, husband, grandfather, etc. He was also a great soldier in WWII and earned a Bronze Star. After having a few bad days, yesterday, he went peacefully. Another part of my heart is missing and you can't imagine the love I had for this man who could have been my fil and was always treated like family. One of the daughter told me yesterday that he called "My Pat". I cooked Christmas dinner for them and now am going to make a large pot of shrimp, okra, and sausage gumbo. I'm sure there will be lots of food.

Words cannot express how I felt about him. He was a kind man and had no enemies and was always willing to help others out. He was also one of the first entrepneurs in a small town and succeeded with the theather and his service station and auto parts store.

Here is a picture taken at 1:pm on December 26th of last year and that night my dad left us to go home to be with our mother.
I hope you keep all of the family in your prayers. Brenda, Sandy, Netta, Joshlyn, Beth, Bryan, and Monica and all the rest of their family. I was humbled that they allowed me to stay for the blessings after he passed on. I have been blessed knowing this loving family and I too need some prayers for strenght to get by. We are all exhausted, but they have so much to do tomorrow, so I won't be going until later in the day, so that I can cook and order flowers. I do pray they all get some rest, because they were taking 2 hour shifts to stay up with him. Thank you all in advance for all the prayers for a peaceful passing and that is what he got. Love and Hugs, Pat


IsabellasCloset said...

Oh Pat I just received you post to my blog & I am now crying. I am just so sad for you. Wish I had words to comfort you. I really feel your pain..
I will keep you, Pop, & your family in my prayers..
Again I am so sorry!
Hugs & much love for you sweet friend.. ~Mary~

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat:
What a nice and loving tribute to Mr. Benoit!!!
How nice to let us know how kind, generous and good he was. You always have something kind to say about everyone. You are a good person, Ms. Pat!!!
Peace & Love
You get some rest too.

Carol said...

I agree what a nice and loving tribute! My prayers are with the family and for you too.

Knitty said...

My condolences to all who loved him. Hugs to you.

The Urban Chic said...

Thank you all for you kind words. It has been a very difficult 5 days, but my faith gives me strenght, but my poor little body is so tired, I feel like I could sleep for a month. Much love and blessings to all of you. Pat

Joyce said...

Hey Pat,
I've been trying to get back over here to tell you that I am sending you my deepest sympathy.
I know it is hard on you. I just hate seeing people suffer though and if they are ready for heaven......I say let's let them go! :~)
My friend is hanging on by a THREAD. It's so pitiful. I honestly didn't think she would have made it through Sunday but she did. My husband went tonight and was so grieved.

I'm with you.....I could sleep for a month too!! Like a bear. HA!
I might sleep at LEAST until 10:00am tomorrow HA~! I had to work today but don't for like a WEEK.

You rest up when you get the chance and try to recoup from all the sad events you have had the past few months.
It's been quite a bit hasn't it?
Hang in there....your going to make it.
There is a BRIGHT and NEW year ahead of us.
I'm wishing you a "BLESSED" New Year.
Talk to you later......