Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Banner giveaway at Isabellascloset

Mary at Isabellascloset is having another giveaway and this one is a beautiful Valentine Banner. Stop by and leave a comment to enter.
Sorry I have been absent, but I still won't know anything about my MRI until Thursday. The pain has been unbearable, so I've been spending much of my time in bed with a heating pad under the warmth of my electric blanket. Not sure when my doctor is going to put the pain pump in, but will find that out also.

Al has been helping put the decorations away and from the looks of things, it may take until February. Not sure my back can handle this anymore, so only the big things will come out next year and the little things will stay packed away. We are considering getting a 9ft tree and getting rid of some of the others. The smaller trees are easy to handle, but all the 6's are just too much, so I'll keep my gingerbread tree and snowman tree, because they stay decorated and covered.
I have been sitting in the bed and making candy bouquets. This passed Sunday, the benefit raised over $3,700. It was a very long day and I called Al before I left to get my injections ready. I didn't win a cake but I won some nice prizes and that night I won $125 and picked up orders for Valentine bouquets.
Well I am going back to packing boxes for Al to put away. I hope those in the "cold" stay warm. Have a great day and savour each new day. Love and Hugs, Pat


Amy said...

Thanks as always for the visit.
Don't over do things....take care of yourself.

IsabellasCloset said...

Pat, You poor sweet thing... wish I was there to give you a hand.. I understand a tiny bit of what you are going through. Hang in there sweet friend.. Like Amy said "Don't over do things...take care of yourself"..
You are in my thoughts & prayers!
Hugs & much love!!~Mary~ :-}

Lori said...

Pat, Thanks for visiting! I was wondering, I read back through alot of your posts and was wondering do you have bad back problems? You can email me through my site. If you don't want to talk I understand. And I still have a room with alot of Christmas out, but it'll get put away aomeday! Take care,Lori

Joyce said...

Gosh Pat. Take it easy and don't burn yourself on that heating pad either. I've heard people do that.
Poor Al.....I can't imagine my husband putting up all the Christmas stuff! HA! Mine would HATE that. Bad enough he has to haul it all out then haul it all back up in the attic. Give him my thanks for doing that.
What are you candy bouquets??
That sounds fun...and yummy.
Hope you get your pain pump soon.
Believe me......I understand pain and it is a DRAG!
Hang in there Pat. Keep us posted as to when they will do surgery for you.
Be blessed,
Hey Susie's having a cute "Sign" giveaway on her blog too.....see my blog for info if you don't have hers. HA!

Knitty said...

Pat, 45* sounds like heaven right about now. Either I am not feeling witchy enough, or my broom is broken. I tried getting on it last night to dash off for a visit to you, but alas, it didn't work. ;)