Saturday, January 17, 2009

Prayers needed for a Sweet Friend

A very sweet blog friend is very ill. Deena @ Can I be pretty in pink is very ill and is not eating. Please use the link in my favorites to visit her and encourage her to eat. There are many women in blogland and my former MSN group that have encouraged me through my battles---you all know who you are and I am asking you to pray for Deena with all you have or believe.

I myself, am waiting on my MRI results, but I can tell you this much, I could use your prayers again also. I will be having a PC pump (pain control pump) put in. I will explain more after next Thursday when I see my doctor again.

Also keep my friend in your prayers. Her 14 year old granddaughter was hit by a car today and killed. Martha has lost her husband, a child, and now a grandchild and she is my age. Blessings in return. Love and Hugs, Pat


Anonymous said...

prayers for everyone going up Pat.

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks Jackie. I don't get many visitors anymore, so not sure how long I will continue this blog, but I have never been known as a quitte. I think quality of visitors is more important for me than quantity and you fit in perfectly. I am ready to give up on my health issues---life is not happy and I so miss our group and the joy of watching everyone's children grow up. Hopefully help is on the way to get me back to the real person I once was. I appreciate all those who take the time to stop by. Love you, Pat

Nettie said...

Hi Pat,
Keeping you & your friend in my thoughts & prayers.
I think the craft group had run it's course. Everyone's circumstances had changed & were busy with their own issues. MSN closing down their groups hadn't helped either.
I do visit your blog regularly, as I do many others, though I don't always leave comments.
Take care
Love Nettie

Julie said...

Can you post her blog address so we can leave her some messages? I have read her blog before, but can't seem to locate the address at this time. Prayers on the way!