Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I gave Al a scare yesterday!

 I have been busy crafting, but yesterday, I gave Al a scare then he scared the *%#@ out of me. I was very tired from the injections, so decided to go to bed early. He said he called 5 times and I didn't answer the phone, so he drove to the country and walked into my bedroom and scared the daylights out of me. I asked him what he was thinking, but the fear in his face was awful. I keep telling him, I will never harm myself and he should have known that I would be resting after the injections. I found many new items for my blog store including some sterling silver pieces. One cup has a date (1935) stamped on along with some letters and hearts. It's quite heavy and I also found some sterling flat ware and a small tray that is made by Wakefield.

I guess no one read my post when I asked for suggestions to name my blog store, but sweet Denise gave me one and I think I will go with that, unless you are reading this and can give other suggestions. I will be sending a gift to the person who gave me the name. So far it sounds like I may use Pats Thrifty Vintage and at the bottom it will say Old, New, and Handmade Vintage. I bought a several books with disks with some beautiful vintage pictures in them and even though I can use the ones in the book, I am going to get a laser printer, so I can make some in quantity. I hope you all visit when it's done. The pay pal account will be under Al's email that he uses for his stamps and things, so that will make it easier for me. It will remain on my sidebar.

If anyone knows how I can use the graphic and be able to click on Pay Pal and take you straight to Al's account, I would appreciate some help. My daughter will be setting up an Etsy account when she comes in the fall, so most things will go there. I have really found and made some neat things, including storage items for your craft rooms. I save the jars from our dip and they are all alike, but the lids will be the only thing painted, but I will probably put some roses and lace on the tops since I have soooo much of that.

A very sweet friend is going to make me a blog background and banner and I can't thank her enough for her generosity. I do hope this will be the beginning of a new venture for me. Craft shows are hard to do and with the economy here, people just don't want to pay my low prices. I have heard comments like "I can make that cheaper" and I just want to scream, go ahead and try and let me know how that turns out. They just don't realize how many tools a crafter needs and to make just one would cost them a pretty penny.

Well I am off to go through boxes here that I have packed away things that I can re-do to sell. Pink, blue, and off white will be the main colors of things I will sell, but when I find something thrifty, it won't matter what color it will be.

I do have a question for those that use crepe paper on their crafts. HOW do you keep it from getting wet and not bleeding, tissue paper as well???????? I have seen it bleed when it gets wet and I am afraid to spend a lot of time gathering it only to have it ruined. I will also be selling embellishment kits and angels. I hope everyone has a wonderful day. My prayers go out to all the families in Tennessee and Kentucky who were flooded like Iowa was. I saw the many pictures and it was horrible. God bless them all. Love and hugs, Pat

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