Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More thrifty finds

These are picture that I found at a thrift store, but I am keeping them as they are too big to ship. They had a matching photo of the first one and like a dummy, I over looked it and when I went back, it was gone. Oh well that's life. I love the Mother and Daughter picture and the one with the little girl is just so cute, that the picture does not do it justice. The white frame was brown, but I am waiting to put a mirror in it, so I just put this pink heart in it for now---it looked lost and alone. The last photo is just one of my little table scapes with the couple at the top that was supposed to be my mil and fil, but I still think of them as though they were. I loved them so much and they treated me like family. My friend Bryan is their son and Garland (boyfriend killed in Vietnam) was their son also. They love Al also and treated him better than my parents did. Hope you enjoy my treasures as much as I do. It's all about the hunt. Hope you have a Great day. Love and Hugs, Pat

The photos below are things that are going into my blog store. The cup and serving dish are Sterling and the dish is made by Wakefield if you want to look it up.

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The Urban Chic said...

Ijust researched and 2 of my framed pictures are worth $80 and one over $180. Boy if I could sell those that would be terrific, but not sure I can part with them and of course I would not sell them at that high price.