Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pictures of rig disaster

Our fishing industry and animals are in grave danger right now because of the pictures below of the TransOcean rig that exploded. The oil has already hit our gulf shores and our wonderful governor has opened shrimping season 3 weeks early so some of the hard working men could save some of  the shrimp this year. They are building another rig next to this one in hopes to pump the oil in it but it will take 3 months to finish it. We have sacrificed our once beautiful shores and beaches so that other states could have oil and gas. The lives that were lost is horrible and the 11 who will probably never be found is sad. One family has already had a memorial service, because their son was near the leak with the other 10 and they know that their bodies will probably never be recovered. There were a few men from our are who perished in this explosion and it's really heart breaking to hear their stories. The rig is leaking 5,000 gallons a day and with the bad wind we had, it made things worse. Please pray for the families and for us because we are going to lose some valuable resources, such as shrimp, crabs, and oysters. This is a lot of people's lively hood and this company owned by British had no safety cutoff working. This is not the only one. There was another rig that collapsed in the gulf. Birds and dolphins are being cleaned and given antibiotics to help them, a lot of them have already died and there are dead fish along the shores. As a child we used to go to Holly Beach and you could walk out into 2 feet of water and still see your feet, but every since they started drilling, you can see nothing but brown water, so we no longer go there. I think the last time I went was in 1964, and spent 2 weeks on a beach front cabin. Our family and 2 others would go every year and it was so much fun and shell picking was great. Now you are lucky if you find a shell. So please keep our families in your prayers. I have family and friends who work offshore and when we hear of these things, it really hurts your heart.

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